Welcome to MMARSI

"Funding Emergency Communications"

Welcome To MMARSI



    MMARSI was created to facilitate the processing of donated items in support of emergency communications.

    In times of disaster, our emergency responders need to communicate effectively.

    Emergency communicators sharpen their communication skills through scheduled exercises to ensure that when there is an emergency, they are ready to respond with professionalism and efficiency.

    Many of our supported emergency communicators are trained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the operation of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), the Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Response Framework (NRF). They follow communications practices defined in Allied Communications Publications and regional directives.

    We own and maintain a network of emergency voice and digital communication facilities that cover the greater Maryland/DC/Northern VA area.

    We are very proud to support emergency communicators.

    Support Examples


      - Since 2022 we have funded two $2,000 scholorships anually via the ARRL Foundation Scholorship Program.
      - Beginning in 2024 we are funding two $2,500 Teacher's Institute sessions anually via the ARRL's Education & Technology Program.
      Donations to MDC EMCOM-related groups:
        - Anne Arundel Radio Club - Repeater upgrade assistance
        - Montgomery ARC - Repeater replacement assistance
        - SHARES & Kent Co EOC - SCS P4dragon Pactor IV HF modems
        - WM3M-10 and KF3AK-10 - RMS, WINLINK VARA, Packet gateways
        - Three linked VHF Air Force MARS voice repeaters in MD
        - NIHRAC, CCARC - Cash donations
        - Support of NIHRAC in upgrading a portable EMCOMM system
        - Carrol county Races
        - Kent county ARS - Various equipment
        - Antietam ARC - RMS gateway

How You Can Help

  • Cleaning out the garage or junk box? Let your tarnished treasures help fund emergency communications. Contact us and we'll pick it up (DMV area).... and, THANK YOU!
  • We accept voluntary contributions from individuals or firms, and by any other legitimate fund-raising activity and use those contributions to fund emergency communications.

  • We support emergency communicators within the Maryland/DC/Northern VA area. Your donations are used to purchase new equipment or update existing equipment to keep emergency communicators current with modern technology.

  • Because MMARSI is an IRS 501(c)(3) recognized charitable corporation, your donation is tax deductible. We provide documentation detailing your donation for tax purposes.

  • Become a MMARSI member* and help us by collecting, testing, warehousing and processing donations. We meet quarterly in Burtonsville, MD and monthly in Westminster MD where we have lunch and transfer donated items between warehouses. Just contact us and let us know you want to help!

  • Join our remote-site maintenance crew. We maintain equipment located strategically within the MDC area. Be a technician, tower climber, antenna installer, or general helper. All assistance is appreciated!

      * Members enjoy a preview auction before donated items are posted to the public auction.

    To make a donation, call (410) 343-9470
    (..call forwarding - let it ring)

    email donate@mmarsi.org

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    This non-profit organization is incorporated in the state of Maryland

    Telephone: (410) 343-9470
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    Email: info@mmarsi.org