Welcome to MMARSI

Maryland Military Auxiliary Radio Service, Inc. is a non-profit Corporation that was formed to facilitate the processing of donated items in support of emergency communications.

We are staffed solely by unpaid volunteers who give generously of their time and resources.

We often travel great distances to collect donated items for refurbishing and sale or re-purposing to emergency communicators.

We accept voluntary contributions from individuals or firms, and by any other legitimate fund-raising activity and use those contributions to fund emergency communicators.

Through a variety of digital and voice-based communications methods, emergency communicators stand ready to provide communications in times of disaster.

  • President: Emory Haines
  • Vice President: Bruce McPherson
  • Treasurer: Roger Kaul
  • Secretary: George Vincent
  • Bill Clark
  • Emory Haines
  • Gary Hendrickson
  • Roger Kaul
  • Bruce McPherson
  • John Ohm (Chairman)
  • Wayne Wilson
  • John Yost